Empowering individuals to make a measurable impact and take direct action on climate change.

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Our mission is to empower people to take direct action on climate change through achievable behavior recommendations

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While corporations are setting goals to help become carbon neutral as early as 2030, reductions in individual and household emissions remains crucial in the overall battle against climate change



The greenable spend by these users amounts to an estimated $75B yearly

GetGreen is a mobile app that empowers individuals to track daily behaviors to simultaneously improve their lives and the environment.



A highly personalized feed of suggested every day, eco-friendly activities


Track your daily Green activity, earning credits for making Green choices


Apply earned credits to support the carbon offset projects of your choice

Educate and inform

carbon offset projects

Green communities

daily consumer choices 

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Meet the Team

Over 60% of Americans Want to Take Action on Climate Change

The team at Emerald Technology Group believes that the reduction in CO2 emissions from people making Green daily choices can make an impact on today's climate crisis. We are a team of experienced tech industry leaders committed to making change accessible and simple.

Tap Into Greener Living

Brian Ringer

25+ Years Experience Leading Tech & Product Organizations. CTO and EVP, Rhapsody, Napster. VP Environmental Programs at RealNetworks.

Jed Stafford

25+ Years Experience as Repeat Entrepreneur. Designed and Operated Global Telecom Network With Focus on Sustainability.

Mark Radonich

Cultural Effect

25+ Years Senior Organizational Culture, Behavior, Change Management Consultant. Principal, Cultural Effect Consulting.

Minah Oh

25+ Years Experience Senior Product and Design Executive. Co-founder and CPO HelloTech. Creative Director Disney.

How It Works


Global Projects

Over 5000 projects working to remove carbon, ready to be supported


Carbon Emissions

Almost 2/3 of carbon emissions come from controllable personal household actions



There are hundreds of opportunities each week for consumers to make Green choices 

GetGreen was chosen by Envest, the leading environmental investing conference, as one of 32 businesses to present from over 400 applicants. 

November 2020

Garrett Miller

Experienced iOS and all around developer. Track record of applying technology to environmental problems

10+ years experience in communications, public relations, and marketing. Director of Communications at Zillow, StreetEasy

Lauren Riefflin

Heng Cao

20+ Years experience leading backend architecture and design teams at companies such as RealNetworks, Napster and Nordstrom

Sue Ellen Schaming
Press Relations

20+ years planning and executing communications programs that achieve business objectives and create preference, fuel sales and increase revenue for Facebook, Sony and more